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Please visit the pages below for each respective service that Gotcha Legal Services offers in California.

Service of Process

We serve all of the following types of legal documents and serve process throughout the Bay Area, state of California, and nationwide. Civil Litigation Subpoenas Summons & Complaint Order... Learn More »

Private Investigations

Private investigations can assist civil cases, provide due diligence for hirings and investments, and investigate suspicious claims. Investigations will be different due to the circumstances and can accomplish any... Learn More »

Court Filing

Gotcha Legal Services provides court filing services in the greater Bay Area. Court filing can often be a time consuming and wearing process. At Gotcha Legal we are intimately... Learn More »


Gotcha Legal Services provides eviction services that range from unlawful detainers to full service eviction process. Each scenario is different so please contact us for further information and so... Learn More »

Judgment Collections

We want to help you collect on your judgment and unlike a collection agency, we do not take a percentage of your collection. Bank Levies/3rd Party Levies Please call... Learn More »