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Private Investigations

Private investigations can assist civil cases, provide due diligence for hirings and investments, and investigate suspicious claims. Investigations will be different due to the circumstances and can accomplish any number of objectives. By hiring our licensed specialist you can save yourself from unearthing negative information in the future.

Our experienced Gotcha Legal investigator can accommodate you based on your needs, understands the risks involved, and knows their legal limits. We have the ability to work undercover and gather the most appropriate information using investigative techniques and tools such as surveillance, databases, tracking, and many others to suite your varying needs.

We can:

  • Determine someone’s background before employment
  • Find proof of a cheating spouse
  • Locate missing persons

And perform many indiscriminate investigations within our legal limit to help you any way we can.

Private Investigations
Pricing can vary, but starts at $225.00. There is a 1/3 refund guarantee if the search is unsuccessful. Please contact us for more details and a more descriptive quote.

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